Protecting Pets & People at Adobe Animal Hospital

We love our pets in the Bay Area!

Whether you own a dog, cat or other creature, pets are a tremendous source of joy and comfort especially during the challenges of 2020.

Adobe Animal Hospital plays an important role in maintaining animal health as well as the health of the South Bay communities it serves.

VIVAS recently worked with Adobe Animal Hospital to create custom acrylic sneeze guards for its Los Gatos location.

Pet owners and staff safely interact with our four-legged friends to provide the quality care they deserve.

Watch this brief video to see how VIVAS transformed the Adobe Animal Hospital reception area into a COVID-19 safe experience for all who enter its doors.

(click image to view video)

Sneeze Guards serve as an important protective shield in many customer facing businesses including hospitals, banks, grocery stores, schools and veterinary clinics.

They are flexible enough to be mounted on countertops, desks and tables while decreasing the spread of viruses and germs. These solutions are fully customizable and come with a variety of sneeze guard posts, rods, feet and brackets to fit the unique needs of each office.

Our CNC router enables us to produce custom acrylic sneeze guards plus distinctive 3D logos, dimensional letters, wood and metal signs.

Integrating protective measures into your business, is one of the best investments to make as your organization resumes operations.

Be safe, be practical and be thoughtful with custom sneeze guards that safely divide work environments and your people that operate within them.

Visit the VIVAS COVID - 19 Products page to learn more about our lineup of over twenty-five (25) VIVAS Signature Print + PPE Solutions.