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Fabric Banners for All Your San Francisco Business Needs

Brand awareness is a big part of effective advertising, and a big part of brand awareness is getting your logo out in front of your customers. Whether you’re advertising outdoors to bring customers into your shop, or displaying at an industry expo to attract new clients, a big, bold, colorful banner is the best way to catch your customers’ eye and communicate your business’s personality in an instant.

VIVAS has more than 10 years of experience printing custom fabric banners of all sizes for businesses of all sizes across San Francisco, CA. We print banners for indoor or outdoor display, as well as backdrops, canopies, and tablecloths for indoor expos and outdoor events.

Heavy-duty Indoor and Outdoor Banners

Indoor fabric banners are a great choice to grab the attention of potential customers. Show off a new product line or promotion in your store. Communicate your company’s products or character at a glance at an industry expo. VIVAS offer 11 different styles of standing banners in a variety of sizes, all custom printed with your logo or full-color design.

If you need to attract attention outside, we also print heavy-duty fabric banners specially designed for outdoor use. We offer seven different styles in a variety of sizes. Our sturdy outdoor banners can be staked into the ground or weighted down with optional water bags to resist wind.

Branded Backdrops for red Carpet Events

Whether you’re hosting a charity gala, awards ceremony, convention, press gathering, or other media event, turn a photo opportunity into a marketing opportunity for your sponsors with a custom-printed fabric backdrop. We offer three different sizes of heavy-duty vinyl banners, tastefully patterned with any number of logos in the color of your choice. We also offer free local shipping on all sizes.


Branded Canopies for Outdoor Events

Outdoor events can be hard on your employees and even harder to advertise your business. Solve both problems at once with a sturdy, custom-printed canopy. Our canopies assemble in minutes and shield your employees, your customers, and your products from the sun. They are branded on all sides, so you’ll attract customers from every angle. Perfect for sporting events, fairs, campus career days, and any event that calls for your people to be outside during the day. Canopies come in 10′, 15′, and 20′ sizes and feature pitched roofs to display your branding to the maximum effect.


Custom Tablecloths for Tradeshow Tables

Banners and product displays are only part of a professional-looking tradeshow display. You also need a branded tablecloth to complete your booth. VIVAS prints custom tablecloths in one color, two colors, or full color for standard 4′, 6′, or 8′ tradeshow tables. Our tablecloths come with your choice of either open backs to allow your presenters to sit at the table, or closed backs to cover every side with your branding. We also offer a stretch tablecloth style for a unique look for your exhibition booth.

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